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Sinus Augmentation
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Sinus Agumentation procedure as described in the "An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Dental Implant"

Live Surgery Courses - Sinus Augmentation Procedures - Live Implant Placement


Live Implant Placement and Lasix are two medical procedures that are used to treat a variety of conditions. Live Implant Placement is a minimally invasive procedure that involves placing a small implant into the body to help with pain relief and mobility. Lasix is a diuretic medication that helps to reduce fluid retention and swelling in the body. Both procedures are used to help improve quality of life and can be used in combination with other treatments.
The purpose of this live surgery course is to provide both didactic and live surgery experience for the participants.  All patients will be pre-screened with CBCT imaging provided to enhance the diagnosis and treatment planning concepts that will be presented in detail with didactic presentations and over-the shoulder instruction.  These programs aim to provide hands-on experiences and surgical techniques with an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the maxillo-mandibular complex . A thorough review of materials and instrumentation necessary to complete each procedure prior to the live surgery by each participant.  The goal is for each participant to perform and assist in many surgical procedures.  

Didactic and Surgical Program

Learning Objectives:

  • 3-D Diagnostic and Treatment Planning
  • Anatomy of the Mandible and Maxilla
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Maxillary Sinus
  • Clinical Recommendations for Implant Placement
  • Immediate Extraction, Immediate Placement
  • Flap Design, releasing concepts, suturing for success
  • Grafting Materials for Extractions, Veneers, Sinus Augmentation
  • Socket preservation
  • Use of Smart Dentin Grinder to create grafts from teeth
  • Osseodensification Concepts with Densah Burs
  • Cone Beam CT and 3D Technology for assessment of implant receptor sites with planning software
  • Techniques for the Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation
    / Lateral Wall and Transcrestal (internal)
  • Piezosurgery Technology for various procedures
  • Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Sticky Bone
  • Membrane Repair Techniques
  • Use of Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) Osstell - MegaISQ
  • Harvesting Techniques with implant placement
  • Complications and management of complications
  • Demonstration Surgeries when appropriate


Live Surgery Courses - Sinus Augmentation Procedures - Live Implant Placement